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Improving Your Child's Smile in the New Year

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Tips to Help Focus on Dental Health in the New Year

A bright and healthy smile is the key to protecting your child’s oral health for a lifetime! While you’re setting goals for the New Year ahead, consider these tips to improve and protect your child’s smile:

Keep Up Their At-Home Dental Routine

After all of the holiday excitement, it’s no shock that you and your family may need to get back onto a routine. The following tips are daily ways you can protect your child’s teeth and gums at home:

  • Add fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins to their diet.
  • Make sure they brush their teeth two to three times a day.
  • Swap out their toothbrush every three months.
  • Ensure they know how to floss, and do so daily.
  • Avoid using their teeth as a tool to open containers.
  • Add in an ADA-approved mouthwash for fresh breath.

For a full list of foods to avoid, reach out to our team or speak to us at your next appointment. If your child has braces, there are additional foods to be mindful of. And, if they have Invisalign, make sure they remove their aligners before eating!

Visit the Dentist Regularly

It’s important for your child to be seen by their pediatric dentist for check-ups bi-annually. Schedule one at the start of the New Year, and one halfway through so you never miss an appointment!

At their cleaning, we’ll check and clean their teeth. Preventative dental care services such as the following are available at West Side Kids Dental:

We also offer the following additional services:

Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment

Having a good oral hygiene routine at home is the basis of a healthy and bright smile for your little one, but if your child is turning 8 this year, it’s time for their first orthodontic appointment! Your child will be evaluated for orthodontic issues and may be recommended for a palette expanded, braces, or other treatment.

Consider a Mouth Guard

Whether your child plays a sport or loves to spend time outside, investing in a mouth guard is a great way to protect your child’s smile!

A mouth guard lessens the impact of a blow to the mouth during a game or if your child falls while playing. Your child’s mouth guard will be custom-made, just like their braces, to ensure that it fits properly.

Book Your Child’s Next Appointment at Our New York City Office

Dr. Robert N. Goldsmith and Dr. Jessica Lynch are thrilled that you have chosen West Side Kids Dental for your child’s dental needs. The top priority of our pediatric dentists and our entire team is to provide quality care with a gentle hand that makes patients and their families feel at home. We pride ourselves on our ability to make necessary adjustments that create a pleasant experience for both our patients and their families.

Contact our New York City dental team at (844) 910-3557 or visit us online. Our staff is fully committed to providing the best dental care for your child.

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